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3 februari 2006
TFK rapport: CAPACITY 2015 (2005:1E, MR 128E-133E)
This study provides a strategic assessment of the future transport capacity in selected transport corridors between Scandinavia and the Continent in 2015. The project involved the production of trade growth forecasts as well as analysis of existing and proposed transport infrastructure and prevailing European and national transport policies. It also involved a field survey amongst major forwarders, transport operators and shippers in Scandinavia and Germany. Based on the results of this work, four potential scenarios of how transport networks might be used in the future were simulated.

The study indicates that the annual trade volumes in Europe are forecasted to grow by 45% between 2003 and 2015 and the east to west trade volumes are estimated to increase by 71%, whilst on the north-south axis growth rates are likely to be just 39%. However the enlargement of the European Union from 15 to 25 member states will only increase trade volumes to a limited extent.

The study focused on the growth of freight transport by truck and the likely effects of different road pricing levels on the use of European motorways. It found that there would be a 58% increase in road haulage within ten years if existing policies and infrastructure investment levels were maintained.
Uppdaterat 2006-05-05
Utskriftsvänlig sida
1 april 2006
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3 februari 2006
TFK rapport: CAPACITY 2015 (2005:1E, MR 128E-133E)
1 november 2005
1 oktober 2005
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1 juni 2005
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22 april 2005
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