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4 april 2006
Ny rapport: Cost efficient Intermodal Road-Rail Transport through Developed Cargo Securing
Cost efficient Road-Rail Transport through Developed Cargo Securing (LASHCOST II) was performed in cooperation with the company MariTerm AB within the Swedish Intermodal Research Centre (SIR-C) supported by the National Rail Administration, Banverket, and the Swedish Road Administration, Vägverket. The study is a continuation and an application of the results of the earlier project Model for Cost Efficient Cargo Securing documented in the TFK report 2001:3.

It is, even if not confirmed, often assumed that railway transport in general lead to more goods damage than road transport. Supporting that assumption are the facts that railway transport usually have one or two more handling operations in the ends of the transport line and that rather frequent severe shocks many times have been registered in railway transports. These realities usually also exclude more damage sensitive goods from railway transport.

Measures to improve the situation and make intermodal road-rail transport more attractive are proposed in the report.

The cost calculation LSC-model, used in the earlier project, have also been further developed and tailored for use by road-rail intermodal operators in this project. The new version of the LSC-model was tested in a couple of case studies. In one of the case studies the cost difference for cargo securing and transport is calculated and compared for four different methods of intermodal transport on railway.

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